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Akhenaten - Genius or Lunatic?

Amenhotep IV, who would become Akhenaten, built at least four temples to a new god - The Aten - at Karnak, lining a colonnade in one of them with colossal statues of himself. Their elongated features and hooded eyes demonstrate his new artistic style. A fragment of a larger relief, this profile of Akhenaten, with its exaggerated features, is in the early extreme version of the style, which matured as his building program moved on to create a completely new capital city, dedicated to The Aten, at the virgin site of, modern, El-Amarna.
Were his political, religious and artistic reforms the work of a genius ahead of his time or a congenetally deformed lunatic?.

Colossal statue of Amenhotep IV/ Akhenaten
with nemes and double crown

Karnak, Gempaaten
Reign of Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten, 1351 - 1348 B.C Sandstone
Egyptian Museum, Ca´ro