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Commander of Chariots, Ay

The "first of the officials in front of the subjects" and Commander of Chariots, Ay was the most powerful non-royal egyptian throughout the Amarna period and became rich on the rewards showered upon him by Akhenaten. After the death of Tutankhamun he out-maneouvred his rival General Horemheb and took the throne as Pharaoh. This relief is from one of his two tombs and is a restrained interpretation of the Amarna art style.

Relief of the head of Ay

Amarna, tomb of Ay
Reign of Akhenaten, 1353 - 1336 B.C.
Limestone h. 34 cm, w. 22.5 cm, d. 4.5-6 cm
Austin S. and Sarah C. Garver Funds, Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, 1949.42