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Tutankamun - Child or King?

It is unclear who ruled Egypt immediately after Akhenaten's death; Nefertiti may even have been pharaoh for a brief period. But within a few years, the young Tutankhamun, Akhenaten's son-in-law and possibly also his son, was on the throne. He took the throne at the age of nine, surrounded by powerful advisors such as Ay and Horemheb, he soon abandoned Amarna and the worship of Aten, reinstating the traditional deities and beginning the restoration of the monuments and temples of Amun, the powerful god of Thebes and the ruling elites. Tutankhamun died when he was less than twenty years old and was buried in the Valley of the Kings, where his tomb was discovered in 1922. His burial was famously rich and the cause of death famously controversial - was he a hero of Egyptian values and a wise king or a child manipulated and then murdered?

Tutankhamun wearing a nemes headdress

Reign of Tutankhamun, 1332 - 1322 B.C.
Sandstone; h. 29.6 cm, w. 26.5 cm
Gift of Miss Mary S. Ames.
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1911 11.1533